Unemployment can be a soul-destroying black hole.
Many families are multi-generational unemployed and children growing up in that environment can acquire a contempt for a 40 hour week.

We believe the Nation needs ALL its citizens to be involved in our national recovery effort. They ALL need to be engaged in some productive enterprise 20 to 40 hours a week.
Even the unemployed 50-60 year olds can be commissioned as mentors and foremen. The handicapped and those totally unskilled can be very productive in Primary production and Horticulture.

Over the last 30 years, we have lost millions of jobs in the Textile, Garment and Auto industries. The mantra that they could all be retrained in more relevant industries was a fiction.  Most of these folk never held a fulfilling full-time job again. (They had no heart for IT or Hospitality). That represents over twenty million man-years of lost productivity and a million folk without purpose or hope.
The 33% local production policy will go a long way to correcting this tragedy and the re-opening of hundreds of idle production lines.

Some of the projects that will provide 'work for the dole'..

• Every unemployed person receiving benefits will be required to work 30 hrs per week (about half the hours that many taxpayers work!) Those with skills will do volunteer work with businesses approved by the "Employee Ombudsmans Office"
• Our 5 year plan to double our Tradesman count. Almost every unemployed person under 30 will learn a Trade and work as a free apprentice.

Assisting Seniors and The Home Horticultural project..
This project will provide a huge number of jobs and assist the elderly to remain in their own homes for many more years.
This project aims to encourage and maintain millions of home veggie gardens. These 'high tech' gardens and their maintenance/collection teams will provide 100,000 jobs, millions of tons of home delivered organic food and great social activities for the handicapped and the shut-ins.

• Repairing an aging civil infrastructure. (Bridges, Dams, Piping, Highways)

• Those unemployed who have skills in 'sport X' can assist at a 'sport X' venue as coaches and casual staff.

•  "Wilderness Summer Camps" - construction of medical centers, camping accommodation and infrastructure in pristine wilderness areas that will be run by Indigenous elders to both teach their traditional skills to their own younger generation and (eventually) to every child in our multicultural nation. These "wilderness summer camps" will be a very profitable and fulfilling calling for many of our Indigenous folk.

This initiative will provide 10,000 teaching jobs for Indigenous 'bush masters'..
This project will provide great incomes to those thousands of indigenous folk who have taken the time to learn the skills of their forefathers.

Any country can quickly build its economic strength if the whole population works productively and the majority of the dollars so earned are re-invested back into that production. A strong economy always promotes high employment levels.

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