We Need the assistance of experts from the following fields..

Business Innovators.
Social Service managers, Welfare agencies.
I.T. Specialists.
Journalists with insight
, great Orators.
Candidates of any age. (As long as their 'social wisdom' and Debating skills exceeds that of most of our current politicians.)

We need Academics and Scientists who are willing to offer 'Peer Review' of our 100+ policies and articles. Many have expressed approval of our material but have justifiable concerns at becoming "associated with a political party" - One even mentioned "academic suicide"! A few years ago, a solitary lady in a fish shop started a political party ("One Nation") that almost caused a political landslide in Australia. The public would readily 'flock' to a party of Teachers, Authors, Doctors and Scientists. There are a thousand great Authors out there who know how governance should be done.. Are you one of them?

We need volunteers from any English speaking country who would like to see our policies implemented in their country and are prepared to initiate a 'sister party'.. If that party adopts 30% or more of our policies, they would be eligible to control our billion dollar "VSoft Initiative" in their country.
That Party would have to be free of Lobbyist or Union control and abide by our general requirements for Candidates and Officials..  Eg. Not accepting any candidate or official who has ever accepted a significant gift while in office and not allowing any party individual to receive significant gifts. (in most countries that is not illegal - just immoral!)

The VS20 Group is currently a small international collection of Authors, Academics, Scientists, Doctors and Business managers who's primary efforts revolve around Youth mentoring, support of the handicapped, creating business opportunities for those with the desire but not the funding. We fund and mentor those businesses.
We invested 15 years and over 5 million dollars writing the business software mentioned in the VSoft Initiative. (see the menu item)

We adopted the "VS" name only 30 years ago but the group has had the same goals and performed the same social work since the 1870s when one 'member' came to Australia from Kobenhavn, Danmark.

This venture into politics is a little out of our comfort zone. This decision was taken out of sheer frustration with the lack of leadership, the danger to our societies from the 'greed is good' epidemic and the lack of action from our 'paid for' politicians.

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