A U.S.A. version of our 'Small Business Party'..

We would encourage concerned citizens of the USA who share our ideals to start a USA Sister party..
We would also welcome any existing party that shares our 'VS' ideals and policies to become a 'sister party'..

This page lists some of our platform concepts for the USA and highlights some of the policies that would be unique to the USA..
Articles relevant to the USA.. (click to read)

The Foreclosure Crisis..

National Defense..

The National Debt..

Bailing out Thieves and Fools..

Too Big to Fail..

Traffic Congestion..

Political Bribery..

Why do we need Sister Parties?

Many of our policies require us to have a voice in more than one country.. Eg.
• Our global war on Illegal Drugs.
• Our war on the insane cost of patented drugs.
• Our ban on the patenting of the human genome.
• Our International chain of 'Peoples Banks'. (Not for profit banks similar to the original Fannie Mae)

The USA has many serious issues of Governance that are extremely deep rooted and almost impossible to solve.
The US has a Lobby and campaign contribution system that rewards graft, corruption, fraud, greed, and absurd compromises.
That system will get you the worst politicians that money can buy - and the worst policies that money can buy!
Many bright, enthusiastic pillars of their communities have 'run for office' and tried to 'make a difference' only to be stifled and disillusioned by a monstrous party machine. They soon find that all their 'great ideas' are discarded because they would offend one or more of the major contributors.
New politician 'Dave' may complain vigorously about the $1000 price on a $10 Aids drug - but 'big pharma' is a multi-million dollar contributor and 'Dave' will be told to shut up. In the end, he (and Sigourney Weaver) will 'walk away' from politics - back to their small community where they can actually do some good.

There are many issues that anger 'main street' - that union or lobby pressure will not allow to be addressed.

• The Foreclosure crisis.. Millions of mortgages with forged Deeds of Title - authorized by 'robo-signers'.
• The extreme national debt - a debt that will burden future generations.
• Printing trillions of dollars for futile rescue packages - 'photocopied money' that devalues every economic aspect of life..
• Using taxpayer money to rescue banks that have behaved criminally and should have been left to their fate.
• Public employee unions and obscene pension plans that are bankrupting many of the states. We have already 'set our children up' to inherit some terrible legacies - we MUST NOT pass on these pension debts born of corruption. "If it is bankrupt - let it fail".. Like any family that suffers bankruptcy, we (civil leaders, public employees and pensioners) will pull together, make whatever sacrifices are needed, and aggressively work our way back up.
[read more on 'The Union Wars']

We propose that the banks be prosecuted over their fake Title Paper and that those foreclosure home owners be allowed to rent their homes from those banks at normal local rental rates. We would even propose that those banks be directed to 'buy back' those mortgages from the MERS system. (We agree with many US Judges that a computer system (MERS) cannot be the legal owner of Mortgages.)

Fannie & Freddie - the new 'Peoples Bank'..
We propose that the FNMA (Fannie mae) be returned to its original purpose, a low interest, 'not for profit' 'peoples bank' and mortgage provider. After the TARP bailout, the American public now own Fannie and Freddie outright, they deserve to have the benefits of owning their own bank.
After the Great Depression, Australia and America both started a Low Fee, low interest 'Peoples Bank'. (The Australian Commonwealth Bank and the USA's FNMA (Fannie Mae))
Those banks worked spectacularly well, assisting to re-build the two Nations.
Sadly, those two public assets (belonging to our children) were sold off for the equivalent of just a few years profit.
That same banking model will work again today.

This Peoples Bank will be managed under our POEM model.. I.e. Managed by a tenured tribunal of international banking experts who are paid a salary befitting their world-class skills. Government approval or oversight would only be needed for major investment decisions or if they needed temporary public funding.

We are proposing a P.O.E.M model for any Nationalization. [read more..]
POEM stands for Public Owned, Expert Managed. It is a similar model to that of the Army, NASA or Police - These entities are Public Owned and Managed by world-class experts. No individual Senator can interfere in Navy decisions or appoint his Nephews to senior positions.
The aim is to place most of our National Assets and vital utilities under POEM corporations.