Begun, the Union Wars have..

The battle between oppressed Workers and oppressive Employers seems like it should belong to the 'dark ages'..
There are good reasons for the warfare..
The Unions battle against WalMart is a case in point..
Unions are alone in opposing the WalMart slave-labor factories, they alone fight for better conditions for American WalMart workers who are paid below the poverty line!
These are 'Just Causes' that unions ALONE are fighting.. A thousand paid-for politicians (and even the Constitution) permit WalMart to so abuse their workers.
On the other side of the battle, a hundred movies accurately depict the 'mafia like' stand-over tactics of big unions. Al Capone could not hold a candle to some of the unions.
Just causes aside, this 'dark ages' warfare has too many innocent casualties.
We can't allow airline unions to hold christmas travelers hostage! In effect, the unions are using the suffering of hostages to blackmail employers!
Unions will say "That's our constitutional right." - and they are correct.. But the constitution also forbids blackmail and 'hostage taking', so therefore the constitutional "right to withhold labor" can be used to violate the constitution! Obviously, the constitution is compromised and needs to be changed urgently.

The situation is fast becoming a 'clear and present danger'. Public employee unions and their lucrative pension plans are bankrupting many Cities and States. Hundreds of thousands of contractors to the States can't be paid and are loosing their homes and are starving.

Mafia Tactics 101

Collusion.. 'Collective Bargaining' is a very effective and legal form of union collusion.. Yet, It is absolutely illegal for Employers or Manufacturers to 'Collectively Bargain'. Then it is called collusion and carries heavy penalties!
Unions have the right to 'price fix' (with wages) - Businesses or Suppliers who 'price fix' will do jail time!

Bribery.. (Definition of bribery.. "Giving a gift conditional upon receiving a benefit.") Powerful unions give gifts to government officials at election time conditional upon that official supporting the unions lucrative benefits. This immoral practice can't be proved to be 'bribery' unless the "conditional" bit is in writing or on tape. And, both parties are smart enough to understand the 'conditional' bit without writing it down.

Employer Standover Tactics..
"You all must work 10 hour shifts with a 15 min lunch break or you are all sacked and we will see that you never work in this industry again!"

Union Standover Tactics..
"You pay us more money or we will ensure something bad happens to your customers!"
Even speaking that threat is illegal, (unless you are a 'union') yet that threat is exactly what Strike Action is..

Unions are famous for using 'Standover Tactics' on politicians, there are many court allegations that unions spend enormous sums of money to threaten politicians and influence the outcome of legislation.
A now notorious video clip (released by 'The Examiner' and many other media papers) shows a "SEIU (Service Employees International Union) official threatening California Legislators." She says..
"The power of the union helped many Democrats get into office who would not have done so without our assistance. We got a good memory; and come November, if you don't back our program, we'll 'help to' get you out of office."
This was not a back-room, secret conversation.. The lady appears to be on an official podium within chambers! She appears and sounds like she is directly speaking before these "Democrats" she claims to own!

These Stand-over tactics and 'Mafia Warefare' should be left in the 1920s. There must be a better social model than that!
Workers in the Navy or Air Force are not allowed to 'strike' or 'collectively bargain', yet they are well paid and happy with their conditions!
How does that work? Essentially, the public appreciates them and is 'on their side' and therefore their 'chief of staff' is forced to look after them..

The Key to ending the 'Union Wars' is in the Publics hands..
The Public needs to 'stand up' for BOTH SIDES and demand that injustices on either side be dealt with. Then, and only then, can there be an ombudsman office with the power to end these wars.
The public majority needs to stand up for 'WalMart' store employees and demands they be paid above the poverty line!
The public majority needs to stand up for their children who are trying to run an honest business but are strangled by union demands.
The public majority needs to stand up for their City and State and demand that unaffordable pension plans are not tolerated..
The public majority needs to be offended by officials receiving 'Gifts' from Big business and Unions alike - and bending policy to suit the 'giver of the best gifts'.

The "Employment Ombudsmans Office"..

A National Judicial board empowered to police the behavior of Employers and Employee groups.
This board would have the accounting talent to analyze 'WalMart type' businesses and rule that they have the financial ability to pay normal wages and to fine them for paying 'below the poverty line' wages. Any "walmart paid for" politician who tries to influence that judgment would do the same jail time as if he had tried to influence the decision of any Judge and Jury.

This Ombudsmans Office would also have the power to enforce or overrule 'pay and conditions' claims made by the Unions. The role of Unions would be like that of a solicitor. They would represent the workers, they would prepare a good case and present that case to the Judicial board of the Ombudsmans Office. As in any high court, the Ombudsmans decision would be final. There would be no need for Strike action.

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