Ruling a Line Under Untenable Debts..

The last decade will go down in history as a "Feeding Frenzy" of Debt..
A frenzied addiction to Easy Credit, Speculation Bubbles, Derivative Gambling, Corporate and Banking Greed..
Even before the Financial Crash of 2007, the world was awash in untenable debt and was effectively bankrupt.
Bailing out Thieves and Fools..
The financial future of the average taxpayer was looking grim then! The obscene bailouts of criminally negligent banks and governments has saddled the worlds taxpayers with an impossible debt that will burden several generations.

Many of these massive debts, like the bankrupt Irish banks, involve some level of criminal behavior.
Our fundamental policies dictate that..
• These unjustified and negligent debts must be dealt with now! They must not be passed on to our children now entering the workforce.
• If it is bankrupt, let it fail.  The sky will not fall, we will recover, we always have.
• No bailouts of the negligent. If the Taxpayer did not share in the 'Negligence', the taxpayer should not have to pay for the bailout.
• Many Cities and States have been bankrupted by cosy deals between public service unions and corrupt government officials. Our children must not be made to pay for obscene pension or benefit plans forged by corrupt bed-fellows. "If the plan or benefit is bankrupt, let it fail."


We are already passing so many bad legacies on to our children - like decimated oil reserves, decimated fish stocks, decimated top-soil, decimated wildlife species, decimated forests, pollution and rising oceans. Things we now can't do much to fix..
What an embarrassing legacy! - At the reading of our will.. "To my children, I also bequeath my 20 trillion dollar gambling debt!"
At all costs, we must not pass on these massive debts (born of corruption) to our children. - If we (the over 40s) can't pay these debts, (and there is no way in hell we can) then lets do the honorable thing and let these debts default.