To assist Small Businesses and promote a working partnership between colleges and small businesses,
the $50,000 VSoft Business Software system will be made available thru colleges for an annual rental of just $100.
This system has been in commercial use for over 12 years and outperforms many $100,000 Systems..
It is an initiative to encourage a closer partnership between colleges, graduates and small business.
The VSoft system will soon be offered to all English speaking nations.

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The goals of the VSoft Initiative..

1. To develop a ‘world-wide' network (Grad-Net) of tens of thousands of Information Technology Graduates who provide low cost support to a hundred thousand small businesses.

2. To provide a million ‘Home based' or Limited capital businesses with fully featured software and low priced IT support.
Inadequate software (and high professional fees) severely handicap and limit the profitability of many businesses.