Personal Sports promotion..

Promoting personal sport is promoting personal health - And personal health is a key aspect of reducing future health costs..

We evolved as Hunters. (trim, fit and very active) It is not a coincidence that fit, trim folk require very little health care, even in old age. Conversely, it is also understandable that overweight 'couch-potatoes' usually have terrible (and very expensive) health problems in later life.
Thousands of Research Doctors are warning us that the future health care costs for our current obese children will be in the trillions of dollars!
Sadly, it is also predicted that huge numbers of these children will die before their parents!
The importance of regular and affordable sport for our youth is obvious! We (the western world) could save ourselves 100 billion dollars a year in health care costs by investing just 20 billion in subsidized sporting venues like Squash and other indoor sports.

Personal Fitness?
The Farmers of 100 years ago had an average lifetime health care cost (adjusted for inflation) of just one percent of the projected cost of todays overweight 'baby boomers'!
For many of them, there were only three times when a GP was required.. When they were born, when they fell off a horse and when they died. (usually in their sleep.)

The key difference between their lifestyles and ours is.. Exercise (hard work), Natural Food, Moderation, and Low Stress.
Our policies will give a high priority to.. Natural Food; Moderation; Exercise (via sport); Close families; Productive labor; Mental Health.
These 'ways of life' are historically natural to man but not 'natural' to our modern life style. The required infrastructure and incentives might be expensive - but, if successful, will save ten times that cost. (The projected future health-care costs for the overweight western world exceeds a trillion dollars annually!)

Fitness & Sport..

In the last five years, the western world has spent almost a trillion dollars on Professional Sporting facilities. Most of these facilities only allow the public to SIT and WATCH.
Professionals are not the ones in desperate need of some exercise - All that money did nothing to improve the fitness and life-expectancy of the rest of us!  Greece spent billions (they didn't have) on Olympic facilities that are now growing weeds and are padlocked up!

We propose that 50% of future funds for sporting facilities be dedicated to sporting facilities for the average person.
That represents billions of dollars! If we don't spend big on public fitness, we will soon be bankrupted by the health care costs of millions of unfit & overweight people. Medical experts all over the world are realizing the serious consequences of being unfit or overweight.
These public sporting facilities must be for all ages including school children and these sports should avoid the "top 20" most dangerous sports.
Litigation lawyers advise us that we must not fund or encourage sports that the average Medical GP would not recommend for his own children. They also advise that in most latitudes, these facilities should be indoors. (see *** below)
We therefore imagine that sports like Squash, Racket ball, Beach Volley ball, Indoor Soccer, Karate, Fencing, Swimming & Athletics would be likely contenders.

•  We also propose that the unemployed who have a talent in 'sport X' be enlisted to assist at a 'sport X' venue as their 20-40 hours commitment to "work for the dole".
•  We would assist existing sporting venues with grants for expansion, free insurance, subsidized rates and council charges.
•  We would build new Government owned sporting venues for indoor sports.

It will cost far less to give the public half-price access to sporting complexes than the future health care costs of an unfit nation.

Support for Artists and Sports 'Professionals'..

Art and Sport are integral to our culture! Both need to be preserved, defended and financed.
[read more on support for the Arts here]
Many of the sports that can pay their professionals well are the most dangerous ones. The ones that leave many 30 year old bodies impaired for life - and ones that few Doctor would recommend for their own children.
Most of the safe sports (like Squash, beach volleyball and indoor Soccer) do not pay well and the 'professionals' in those sports are on the poverty line.
Now that "Hunting and Gathering" has been retrenched, humans are in danger of turning into jellyfish with a "heart condition".
A Gym doesn't cut it..
We need the adrenalin and rush of the hunt! (or a good sport) It may be too late to save the 'baby boomers' but we must strive to save the Children..

We propose programs that ensure that Children are continually exposed to Arts and Sports..
Children need to have role models that inspire and excite them, they need to be continually exposed to great art, great storytelling and great sporting skills. Sadly, all the great role-models in these three areas are too poor to devote time to children.
We will ensure that all school children spend several hours per week playing one of the above sports; That they are coached by paid 'professionals' from the community; That all schools have pottery facilities and weekly Arts classes taught and attended by local paid talent.


***  With school children, the law is more protective and the potential for massive future compensation payouts faced by Schools and Colleges is becoming alarming.
Any school that has a history of encouraging children to participate in contact sports is liable to be successfully sued  by any student who suffers a life-long injury. Even with sunburn, it is the schools responsibility alone to prevent sunburn, it is NOT the Parents responsibility - they are not there - and School responsibility always overrides that of the Parent. Even the parent having signed a 'consent form' makes very little difference in a court of law.

With School Sporting injuries, parental consent forms carry little weight in court. What does 'carry weight' is "Majority Medical opinion". In other words, if the majority of Doctors would not play or allow their children to play Rugby Union then schools can be sued for encouraging children to play that sport.
In fact, there is no need to 'get children started early' in those sports, there are hundreds of examples where current world-class players didn't start playing until they were of college age.

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