An invitation to 'Sister Parties' in all English speaking Nations..  Aug-2010.

Two ‘world first’ initiatives for a Political Party..

The VS Group is initiating new political parties in most English speaking countries.. 
(or partnering with existing parties where possible.)  

Last Updated (Friday, 07 January 2011 23:26)

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The Impending Australian Recession..

Australia is rapidly dividing into two economies..
1. The Mining sector plus those sectors the Government has been throwing taxpayers money at..
2. The other 90% of the economy - which is rapidly heading for a recession!
That first 10% of the economy (Mining Etc.) is doing so well that it distorts the financial and employment indicators.. Unemployment therefore seems normal and financial growth seems slightly positive. This 10% hides the fact that the other 90% is clearly in trouble and is actually in recession.


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