Carbon Trading Schemes..

Most scientists (not employed by Big Oil) agree that the Environment is in serious trouble..

Agriculture and a thousand other small "carbon producing" industries are not responsible for current CO2 levels and do not deserve to be penalized. The main offender in CO2 emissions is burning coal for electricity. We will phase out coal fired plants and heavily invest in the power generation potential of 'Geo-thermal' and other green technologies.

The ever increasing prices of electricity are starting to cause widespread hardship and are even becoming a life threatening issue for many. (Eg. from turning off the fridge at night to save electricity.) The excuse that we have to make electricity expensive so that wind-farms can be profitable is an ignorant bit of logic. There are much better paths to follow.

The proposed Carbon Tax and 'Trading schemes' will be dropped. There is a better solution - Stop burning Coal for electricity and convert over to Geothermal or Thorium power. There is enough 'Hot Rock' under most countries to power us for ten thousand years. There will soon be no need for 'Coal Fired' electricity - or unsightly wind farms.

Article on Green Electricity - click here..

The Loss of Soil Carbon. (into the atmosphere as CO2)

Modern farming methods have caused the loss of soil carbon equivalent to the burning of all the worlds forests. This enormous amount of carbon has all ended up in the atmosphere as CO2.
All plants and crops are "carbon based". For hundreds of years, we have been extracting carbon crops from our farmland without ever putting carbon back in the soil or allowing the natural cycles to re-generate it. We throw lots of Nitrogen at the soil and think that's all it needs. [read full article]
For over 10 years, Dr Christine Jones has been advocating more focus on the role of soil carbon mechanisms in restoring soil fertility and sequestering atmospheric carbon. She demonstrates simple farming techniques that would allow the worlds carbon-depleted farmlands to quickly sequester the worlds current excess of atmospheric CO2!
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Fossil Fuels..

We have many policies addressing the excessive and unnecessary consumption of fossil fuels. There are many alternative options.. The latest breakthroughs on 'super capacitors' for powering electric vehicles and the world-wide rush to build and sell sealed Thorium "batteries" to replace our coal-powered electricity grid and provide the zero-carbon electricity for those vehicles are two of our major directions.
(more to follow..)

Climate Change debate (global warming?)..

"Most experts agree that 'global warming' is not happening." This is a common quote on the internet - but is a false statement!
Freedom of Speech does NOT include a right to 'Miss-Quote' or deceive.
If you had proclaimed to the tourists at Mt. St. Helens that "Experts say there will NOT be an eruption" - and some chose to stay based on your 'false testimony' - then you cannot plead 'freedom of speech'.
There is a serious moral issue arising from the ill-informed comments on the issue of 'Climate Change' that are being widely and carelessly published..
The resolve of most nations and politicians to address this issue has been seriously compromised by the thousands of un-scholarly claims published stating things like..  "Most experts agree that 'global warming' is not happening."
There is a distinct and increasing probability that global warming IS happening.. There is also a distinct probability that many coastal people could loose their homes from the effects of global warming.
Everyone has a moral and even a legal duty to refrain from unfounded statements. (for OR against)
If a coastal community is going to loose a billion dollars of shoreline buildings in 20 years, they need to start their action plan now!
If your newspapers 'false testimony' causes them to postpone that action until it is too late - then they could sue you.
It is legally OK for the public to publish or repeat un-scholarly material as long as they don't imply that they are an expert or that "experts agree"..