Support of the Arts and Artists..

Our very culture encompasses our love of the Arts..
Some of the highest definitions of what separates Humans from Animals are based on Artistic works..
Whenever we are asked for an example of the greatest aspects of our culture, we usually resort to the artistic works, not to the financial or business world.
How then has it become "The Norm" that our children with strong artistic abilities who choose to follow that 'calling' are usually condemned to a life of poverty? And are chastised for making a "poor career choice!"
Because Art is such a strong component of our National culture, it is obvious that our children need to be exposed to as many artistic works as possible but, as a nation, we see no need to sponsor artists.
That is equivalent to a Nation that loves sport forcing professional players to play for free!

Throughout history, Artists, Poets, Story tellers and local Musicians have struggled financially.
The nation should encourage them and provide affordable (or free) academies for their development. We should provide venues for the presentation of their work and where they can receive financial reward for their skills.

As a nation, we readily build and sponsor football facilities and hire coaches for our school children. Our party will do the same for our young artists.

See this article on 'Encouraging Children to the Arts' from

Some images of the works created by the young people of the VS20 Group..
The ceramic 'GBS Dragon' mascot. by Michelle. (50 kg)

The GBS Dragon

Green Tree-Boa. by Michelle. (painting)

Green Tree-Boa by Michelle