The VS20 Group is currently a small international collection of Authors, Academics, Scientists, Doctors and Business managers who advocate a return to the sound principles that have always made a society strong and prosperous. We are currently active in four countries but aiming for twenty (hence VS20).
For over a hundred years, our primary efforts have revolved around Youth mentoring, support of the handicapped, creating business opportunities for those with the desire but not the funding. We fund and mentor those businesses.
We invested over 5 million dollars over a ten year period supporting the team that wrote the business software mentioned in the VSoft Initiative. (see the menu item or click here)
These business projects were the catalyst that prompted our previously unchartered and unnamed co-op to adopt the VS Group name.
Prior to this political effort, we had never solicited members. We simply 'heard about' each others work.
We have always been a small group because - like the Gesundheit Institute (Patch Adams), Doctors and industry specialists who will work for the disadvantaged for free are hard to find. Our only "strength in numbers" is in the thousands of young people who have benefited from our work over the years and are enthusiastically dedicated to our goals.

We are strongly against the "Greed is Good" mind set and against the corruption, lobbying and 'gift giving' that always perverts good governance.
We are disturbed by the huge number of people (young and old) who require assistance from welfare groups. We see major stresses being imposed on the average family and so many families breaking up. We are convinced the current government is only aware of themselves and their multi-national donors - They seem to be ignoring small business and family issues.

The VS name.. We adopted the "VS" name only 30 years ago but the group has had the same goals and performed the same social work since the 1870s when one 'member' came to Australia from Kobenhavn, Danmark.
The "VS" stands for "Village Senatus" or Government starting at the Village level.. We would have preferred the word "Community" over village but in internet searches, the word 'community' is useless. The term village is almost unique and is actually a better fit to many of our policies. (The "S" also stands for 'Services' and 'Senior'-Aldermen)
Brian Lorentzen - the author of many of these articles - is a scientist, research worker, social worker and retired college lecturer.
Most of these 100+ articles are currently awaiting 'peer review'.

Many of our policies require us to have a voice in more than one country.. Eg.
• Our global war on Illegal Drugs.
• Our war on the cost of patented drugs.
• Our ban on the patenting of the human genome.
• Our plan to eliminate naked Short Selling and to limit the carnage that normal 'Short Selling' often causes.
• Our International chain of 'Peoples Banks'. (Not for profit banks similar to the original Fannie Mae)
• International support for Local Manufacturing and an end to the 'Walmart style' slave labor in Asian nations.

We will start a new party, probably called the National Small Business Party - or simply "National Enterprise".)
One name that does describe our platform very well would be the "Lisa Branson Party" - A combination of the skills of Richard Branson (Enterprise, Initiative, Mentoring, Investment in talent, Workers treated like family) and the youthful common sense and Environment Concern of Lisa Simpson.

This venture into politics is a little out of our comfort zone. This decision was taken out of sheer frustration with the lack of leadership and the lack of action in critical areas.

If you support our policies and would like to help - Please see the form "Contact Us" and to register for news emails, use the form "Register Your Support"


VSoft Systems..

The GBS2 Business System was written by VSOFT Systems Australia over a 15 year period. (hence its popular name 'VSOFT') VSoft Systems is one of the VS Group business mentors.  The software was developed to encourage a closer partnership between colleges, graduates and small business.
VSoft and its related systems are now managed by our subsidiary 'Graduate Business Systems' (P/L)

The 'CV' of the main author of 'VSOFT' includes..

* A consultant and Systems analyst to 'small business' for 27 years.
* A College Lecturer - (Business Studies & Programming)
* Australian Software Manager for a large 'Business Systems' Supplier.
* State Branch & Sales Manager for another similar company.

The majority of the features of VSoft are the result of a dedicated effort by several individual clients who devoted endless amounts of time to develop these features.

Graduate Business Systems (GBS) is the developing global network of Graduates and self-employed folk who support VSoft users.
This 'Grad-Net' includes Programmers, Systems Analysts, PC Repairers, Network Engineers, Data-Entry Temps., Bookkeepers and Accounting specialists - who form a franchised co-op..

As VSoft trainers and temp operators, many of these Graduates have devoted enormous amounts of time to refine the VSoft system.

Would you like to help?

We Need the assistance of experts from the following fields..

Academics, Business Innovators.
Social Service managers, Welfare agencies.
I.T. Specialists.
Journalists with insight.
Secretaries, Candidates, great Orators.

We need volunteers from any English speaking country who would like to see our policies implemented in their country and are prepared to initiate a 'sister party'.. If that party adopts 30% or more of our policies, they would be eligible to control our billion dollar "VSoft Initiative" in their country.
That Party would have to hold regular elections of party officials and abide by our general requirements for Candidates and Officials..  Eg. Not accepting any candidate or official who has ever accepted a significant gift while in office. (in most countries that is not illegal - just immoral!)